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Daily Archives: September 18, 2015

Six Point Formula for Talks (and Blog Posts)

Justine Rogers from UNSW Law is one of those academics who knows how to communicate well. She’s cracked the formula of giving a great TED talk, but the formula is applicable to academic talks in general.

I figured, if this could work for talks, it could work for blog posts too.  Which reminded me of the time I was four and my brothers encouraged me to scream out a swear word in church.

Moster Sniff

So, always remember, your research is the wind beneath your wings, thesis candidates. Tomorrow is another day, what does not kill you only makes you stronger, and make sure you have sorted your thesis metrics for your stakeholder supervisors.

glacierI’m sure you will all agree, that this post has revolutionized your life, which only leaves me to say, enjoy this TEDx Talk temporary flesh-people and have a great and ghost-free weekend.

Claire Gallop, Womanager, Graduate Research School