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Upcoming events hosted by or involving Genetics Otago will be listed here. Please check back regularly for updates. A calendar of events that may be of interest to our members can be found at the bottom of this page and in the sidebar of other pages on this site, please note that this includes events hosted outside of Genetics Otago.

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Calendar of Events

The below is a calendar of events hosted by GO as well as events hosted by others that may be of interest to our members. If you have an event you would like us to include please contact us here.

5th Annual Metagenomics Summer (Spring) School @ University of Auckland
Sep 3 – Sep 6 all-day
Metagenomics Summer School
The Environmental Microbiomes team at Genomics Aotearoa is hosting the 5th annual Metagenomics Summer (Spring) School.

This practical, hands-on workshop focuses on prokaryotic metagenomics and will be conducted in person at the University of Auckland, City Campus, Auckland, from September 3 to 6, 2024.

The workshop aims to guide participants through the process of analysing metagenomic short-read sequence data, including metagenomic read sequence processing, generation of curated metagenome-assembled genomes, and downstream data analyses and visualisation in R.

For a brief overview, browse course materials from the previous workshop here.

Examples of topics covered are:

  • Introduction to Bash shell and scripting (pre-workshop session)
  • Pragmatic considerations for planning experiments/sampling excursions (e.g., how much sequence data do I need? What are the approaches to analysing the data I have?)
  • Best practices in handling and processing metagenomic data
  • Metagenome assembly, binning and annotation
  • Viral genome prediction from metagenomic assemblies

We invite researchers of all bioinformatics skill levels and career stages to register their interest here. Registrations close at 2pm on Friday, June 7.

Email Boey at if you have any enquiries.