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If you have any queries please email: or or or Alternatively you can call Tony at (03) 4798061.

8 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi Karen – we now have a subscribe function set up – just visit the blog and it should popup at the bottom right. You enter your email address and click teh button and it should be all set up!
    best wishes, tony

  2. Hi there!

    I was told that you are using Yoggy’s Money Vault E-Mail Scraper. Would you recommend it? Is it good for gathering leads?

    I was given your site on an SEO forum.

    Cheers mate. Look forward to hearing from you as I want to buy the software.

  3. Hi

    Have you seen the next outtake report?
    Please give me a call when you are free so we can discuse this.


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  5. i have my late father’s diaries – he was, among other places, in Indonesia during the WW2 and wrote on one day about Chinese tombstone procedures. i would like to verify they are correct before i eventually get these 5 years of War diaries printed. please can i sent you the entry to verify? thanks

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