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Network Project

February 2019

It is great to be able to report that all the University-owned residential colleges now have UO_WIFI in all student rooms. This includes: Arana, Carrington, Studholme, Caroline Freeman, Abbey, Toroa, Aquinas, Hayward, and Unicol. Unicol is still dependent on the old network in some of the public spaces but this will be remedied later this year – approx June.

Other buildings which moved to new network in 2018 are: 51 Clyde Street, The College of Education Auditorium, and 55 Union Street West (PhysEd and the West CAL).

A lot of new buildings have transitioned to the new network since we last had the campus fully occupied, so the while the new buildings have been tested as much as possible, we have not been able to test at full scale until all the students are back. This means there is a small chance that a problem might arise which could only be seen while the network is under full pressure.

Please let us know if you experience any wireless issues. To log an issue, please call AskOtago 479 8888 and we will get engineers on to this right away.

What’s next? We are now working on the buildings in Union Street East – Owheo, Bill Robertson Library, College of Education, Unipol and Foundation Studies.

The next block after that will be any remaining buildings in Castle Street, Leith Street, and Montgomery Ave.



January 2019

The team have done an awesome job in 2018 and we are really looking forward to the year ahead.

  • We continue to make good progress on the residential colleges. We are still on track to have these completed by the end of February deadline.
  • The College of Education auditorium has been fully completed.
  • The Physed Building is also now complete.
  • We have a confirmed plan for SDHB and will initiate this in the new year.

Work starts again today (7 January) focusing on Unicol, Aquinas and Carrington College (Jenkins House).

Update 12 November

The Project will be completing a number of buildings between now and the end of November. These are buildings where we have installed cabling and hardware, but held off cutting buildings over to the new network until the end of the exam freeze period.

You can expect to see: Studholme, Caroline Freeman and Abbet College cut over this month.

We are currently working in Toroa and Aquinas, 55 Union Street, and the College of Education Auditorium.

We will also be rolling out the switch update to make it easier for Apple devices to log on to the network.

Progress update 20 October 2018

The team is making good progress on our goal of having all the University’s residential colleges on the new network by the start of teaching 2019.

  • Arana is completed.
  • Carrington is completed – with the exception of one building which will be completed in January.
  • The Studholme roll out is completed, but won’t be activated until after the exam freeze.
  • We are working in Caroline Freeman, Abbey College at the moment, and will soon be in Toroa and Aquinas.

We now have Steering Committee approval to roll out new network to other buildings, and we are also working in The Physical Education school 55 Union Street West.

On our planning horizon, we have Science 2, and the College of Education Auditorium.

Restarting the Blog

This month I am relaunching the Network Project Web Site and the Blog. I’m clearing out any old or confusing information.

I’d like the blog to be customer focused – so please let me know if there is any particular information or FAQs that you would like me to post.