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Network Project

The final few months of the project

Psychology and Botany are finished! Our spaces in the SDHB are about 3 weeks away from being done.

We are now working on Science 2 in Dunedin. We have a team working on Christchurch migration and one starting planning for Wellington migrations.

The project is on track to complete in July 2020 as originally planned.

Last buildings are Hocken, Uniprint and staff club.

Please call Tracy on 021795341 if you have any questions!

Happy New Year

As 2020 starts, the project is on the homeward straight. The following work is underway now:

  • We are finishing off the Psychology block in January/ February.
  • We are also finishing up in the Dunedin Hospital Buildings and hope to have these ready for teaching in the 2020 academic year.
  • We are putting network into some Botany buildings to help with teaching.
  • We also have a team installing new network in Christchurch.
  • We hope to start work in Wellington in February.

We will be soon starting work in Science 2.

We are just finihsing planning for the Hocken Library, Staff Club and Uniprint.

We are still on track to complete the project by July 2020!

Wellcome to October

The Wellcome Building goes live this week. Wireless is turned on and we will be transitioning the wired devices across to the new network between October 7th – 11th.

We are still installing in the Psychology sector and also in the Dunedin Hospital Building.

We will not undertake any further transitions until after exams have finished as we adhere to ITS brown / black out schedule.

We are still installing though, so you will see a lot of transition activity from mid November.

As always, please call Tracy on 021795341 if you have any questions.

Springing into September

We now have the sector along Union Street East on the new network. This is most of the College of Education , and the Leith Street Block. It includes the Plaza Buildings: Unipol and Foundations Studies.
Exceptions are:
*Buildings affected by the Music and Theatre Building Project are still underway.
*Oceania House had to be left on old network until after Christmas, and
*Computer Science are still migrating some of their services across. For most people in this area, they will be using UO_Wifi.

We are now working in the Psychology Block and along Castle Street. The Wellcome Building in Health Sciences is actively underway. We will probably transition these building across after exams to reduce any disruption to students.

SDHB University Network

The project is starting to install more wireless access points in SDHB Dunedin Hospital Buildings, and by the end of 2019 we hope to make UO-WIFI much more available in these buildings.

Whenever UO-WIFI is available in a building – you can always log on with your University username and password.

Please contact Tracy on 021 795 341 if you have any questions about this work.


The project is still going well. In June and July we completed the Leith Street Block and the College of Education Block. This means that all the buildings in Union Street East are now on future state.

We are now moving on to Castle Street, The Psychology Block, and The Wellcome Building.

May 2019

The Project is on track and still making good progress.

We will now be observing the exam change-freeze period and will not be transitioning any more buildings to the new network until after the exam period.

The change freeze doesn’t mean that work stops. We continue to install cabling and equipment into buildings, it just means that we don’t turn these on until after exams.

April 2019

The Project work is continuing as planned. In May we expect to connect up the remaining buildings in Union Street East – College of Education, Computer Science, Robertson Library, etc.

We are always keen for feedback so please email if you have any questions or issues about the new network.

February 2019

It is great to be able to report that all the University-owned residential colleges now have UO_WIFI in all student rooms. This includes: Arana, Carrington, Studholme, Caroline Freeman, Abbey, Toroa, Aquinas, Hayward, and Unicol. Unicol is still dependent on the old network in some of the public spaces but this will be remedied later this year – approx June.

Other buildings which moved to new network in 2018 are: 51 Clyde Street, The College of Education Auditorium, and 55 Union Street West (PhysEd and the West CAL).

A lot of new buildings have transitioned to the new network since we last had the campus fully occupied, so the while the new buildings have been tested as much as possible, we have not been able to test at full scale until all the students are back. This means there is a small chance that a problem might arise which could only be seen while the network is under full pressure.

Please let us know if you experience any wireless issues. To log an issue, please call AskOtago 479 8888 and we will get engineers on to this right away.

What’s next? We are now working on the buildings in Union Street East – Owheo, Bill Robertson Library, College of Education, Unipol and Foundation Studies.

The next block after that will be any remaining buildings in Castle Street, Leith Street, and Montgomery Ave.



January 2019

The team have done an awesome job in 2018 and we are really looking forward to the year ahead.

  • We continue to make good progress on the residential colleges. We are still on track to have these completed by the end of February deadline.
  • The College of Education auditorium has been fully completed.
  • The Physed Building is also now complete.
  • We have a confirmed plan for SDHB and will initiate this in the new year.

Work starts again today (7 January) focusing on Unicol, Aquinas and Carrington College (Jenkins House).