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Hotmail and related email
Managing Applications
Application Form
Finding Information

Hotmail instructions

If your email address is at Hotmail you must action the instructions below

  • Log into your Hotmail/ account
  • Click on the Settings cog at the top right of your screen
  • Select Options
  • Select Safe and blocked senders
  • Click on Safe senders
  • Enter in the field provided
  • Click on Add to list
  • You will see is now in your safe senders and domains list

Screen images of these steps are available here


Related email providers

If your email address is at any of the email providers listed below, please check that you are receiving email from the University of Otago. If you are not, please refer to your email provider’s help to whitelist or to prevent email from this domain going to your junk mail folder.

  • live
  • msn
  • skydrive
  • onedrive
  • outlook
  • xbox360
  • xboxone
  • xboxlive
  • office
  • office365
  • windowsphone


Managing Applications

What do I do if a transcript applies to multiple qualifications?

Upload the transcript to each qualification that it applies to.

Only one transcript can be uploaded per tertiary qualification. Students with multiple transcripts should be advised as follows:

  • For multiple transcripts per qualification – Scan the transcripts to one file and upload the single file.
  • For one transcript with multiple qualifications – Upload the transcript for each qualification.

What happens if an applicant indicates they have a disability?

The University is required to collect this information for Government reporting purposes. It is used by Disability Information & Support (DI&S), and some programmes, to identify students who may require specific support.

How do I update a students’ tertiary information?

This is not available in the first stage of eVision stage. A solution is under investigation for implementation as soon as possible. Check back here and we will update you when the functionality becomes available.

Why is a student’s programme status still showing as In progress on the Student portal home page after they have accepted or declined the programme offer?

The Programme status on the Home page is updated overnight.

If the status remains In progress for more than 24 hours after the student accepted or declined the Programme, please raise this as an issue with your Go-to person.

The PDF forms / documents for uploading are not saving information and are confusing students.  Are there any notes on using these?

The PDF documents are designed to work correctly when the student uses Adobe Acrobat Reader as the reader software.

Opening and entering information using Internet browsers can produce the loss of information or the information may be invisible after saving the pdf file. Students using software other than Acrobat reader should use these steps:

  • Download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Download the pdf form and save it to the desktop or downloads folder.
  • Locate the downloaded form and open it using Adobe Acrobat reader.  Most computers support right mouse clicking on the file then selecting the Open with option.
  • Type in the requested information.
  • Save the form using the Save icon.
  • Upload the form to e:Vision using the provided Attach buttons.

Application Form

The salutation I need is not available in the list. How do I have salutations added?

The Salutations list available to students includes the most common salutations.  The Admissions office has a wider ranging list that can be attached to the student record on request.

The students follow these steps to request a Change:

  • Log in to eVision
  • Select Details from the left menu
  • Select Personal
  • Scroll to the bottom of the form and select Request change
  • Enter the requested change
  • Select Save

The Request is sent to the Admissions office who will action the change.

The available salutations are:

Assoc. Prof. Brother Capt
Col Cpl Dr
Gen The Hon Judge
Lt Miss Mr
Mrs Ms Prof
Reverend The Rev. Canon The Rev Mo. Superior
The Rt Rev Sgt Sir
Sister The Very Rev

How do I enrol a student in a paper for Interest only?

Refer the student to the University Information Centre. Additional information is available here.

Finding Information



I’m locked out of eVision. How can I get that fixed and log in?

Failed login attempts will lock you out of e:Vision. The number of failed attempts that cause a lockout is five for staff and six for students. After 1 hour you will be able to login again and access eVision.

When does a student stop using their own email address for communication with the University?

Students are issued with a University username, email address and password during Course Approval.  From that point on, students use their University username to log into eVision, and all emails will then be sent to their University email address.

How long can I have e:Vision open before the inactivity timeout occurs, and I have to log in again?

The timeout is 2 hours for staff and 15 minutes for students. Students part way through an application would be returned to the applications form on next login.

Why has my password stopped working?

A recent update to e:Vision inadvertently caused the system to reset passwords for all new students who submitted an application between the launch of e:Vision in August and the afternoon of Friday 5 October.

The cause of this problem has been identified and fixed. However, passwords for new students remain in a reset state, and new students attempting to log in to the e:Vision portal will receive invalid password error messages.

Note: this does not impact on students using a University username and password.

Has the security of my eVision Portal been compromised?

No your eVision Portal remains secure.  No one can see your password on e:Vision.  In fact, this high level of password security is the reason why we cannot advise you of the new password for your account and have to follow the “Forgotten your email login password” steps to get it reset.

I haven’t forgotten my password so why do I need to use the “Forgotten your email login password” option?

Because your password has been inadvertently reset by eVision, the process for you to change it is the same as if you had forgotten your password.  Using this process ensures the security of your eVision Portal is maintained.

Why has my account been locked?

To ensure the security of your account from unauthorised access, :Vision automatically locks an account after 6 failed login attempts.  If you have attempted to logon using your old (now invalid) password the system and/or miss-keyed your reset password, this may have triggered this security feature.  An automatic process unlocks your account after one hour.