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Share library

When you share your library, you have three options. Before you choose one of these, you may want to read about sharing and syncing libraries.

Sync library with EndNote Web

Before sharing your library, sync it to an EndNote Web account. Then you can either share it via the Desktop or directly from EndNote Web. For Desktop sharing, you must have at least EndNote X7.2.

Sharing option one: Desktop library

Sync your library as above. When you share your library this way, note that other people will have full read/write access to the whole thing, including your PDFs. This works across Mac and PCs. To grant more limited access, see the instructions for sharing via the EndNote Web site below.

You can share your desktop library with up to 14 people in version X7 (or 100 people in X8), but a person can have unlimited libraries shared with them.

Sharing option two: via EndNote Web site

Sync your library as above. Then go to and give people access from there. You have a little more control here as you only grant access to selected groups, and the other people have no access to your PDFs. Also, you can choose to give them read-only or read/write access.

Sharing option three: Compress library

If you would rather not sync your library to the cloud (EndNote Web), you can also just make a local copy of your library (or selected references) that you then put on a hard drive or email to someone.