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The podcasting plugin gets an update

Screenshot of the podcasting plugin update.You might have noticed recently that the podcasting plugin looks a little bit different. There are now a few more boxes on the screen (don’t panic, it is still easy to use). You’ll notice a couple of new features, you might even recognise them from writing posts.

  • Categories – A category is a broad grouping for your posts/podcasts, for example a bread recipe may be in a cooking category and a baking category.
  • Tags – A tag is a more specific grouping for a single post/podcast in the bread example from above it could be tagged as wholemeal and rye.

As well as the new features, the description field has had a bit of a makeover as well and now includes a visual text editor. But wait, there’s more, you are now told how much space you have left in your site (have a look in the Instructions box).

If you haven’t seen the changes and you have an Otago Podcasts site drop by and have a look.

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