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Category Archives: wordpress

Events are here!

Screenshot of the All-In-One-Event Calendar.Have you been holding out for a more functional calendar for your blog or podcast site? Good news, we have just released a new plugin called the All-In-One-Event Calendar. This plugin has all sorts of bells and whistles including:

  • Month, week and agenda views
  • Upcoming events widget
  • Colour-coded categories
  • Recurring events
  • Import and Export of .ics feeds (iCal feeds)

If you want to find out more, try turning the plugin on and having an explore, or peruse the Otago Blogs Helpsite.

Upgraded Blogs and Podcasts

Does the blogs or podcast system look newer to you? Over the Easter break this year we upgraded the software behind Blogs and Podcasts (WordPress) to the latest version. A few changes you may notice are:

  1. Feature Pointer – there are now popup boxes explaining any changes that may have happened since the upgrade. You can easily dismiss these messages.Screenshot of a Feature Pointer
  2. Consolidated Admin Bar – the dark grey admin bar at the top of you screen has been made simpler. Now there is one easy place to go to if you want to add new: users; posts; podcasts; pages; and the list continues. You can also use the My Sites section to swap between all your sites
  3. Drag and Drop Uploader – sick of clicking Select Files to upload a new media item? Now you can drag and drop the files into the browser.Screenshot of the Drag and Drop media uploader
  4. Random Header Images – can’t decide which image you’d like to use for your site’s header? Now you can have a random image from the collection show up each time you reload a page. You can find this option in the Header section within the Appearance menu.

Blogs go mobile

As mobile devices get smarter and increasingly popular our blogs system has to keep up. While it has always been possible to look at your blog site on a mobile device it hasn’t been optimized for those devices.

For the last couple of months we have been working on a solution for this, in conjunction with WPtouch Pro we’re now able to provide mobile friendly blog and podcast sites. You can change what menu icons are used (there is even an Otago set of icons) and lots of the other settings. Don’t worry though, if you don’t want to change anything it will work just fine.

Supported mobile devices:

  • iPhone
  • iPod Touch
  • iPad
  • Google Android
  • Blackberry OS6 devices like the Torch and new Bold
  • Most Samsung touch devices
  • Many other smart phones will also see the mobile version of your site

More information:

Go have a play with your new mobile settings and keep your eyes peeled for the next blogs and podcast update – Media Embedding on mobile devices.