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Category Archives: eLearning

3D Printers have arrived at eLearning

Teaching and Learning Facilities have purchased two 3D printers: a Makerbot Replicator 2x and an UP Box.

The UpBox (on the left) and the Makerbot in their natural environment.

The UP Box (on the left) and the Makerbot in their natural environment.

Over the last month or so we have been learning about what we can do with them to support the Teaching and Learning Facilities department, as well as how they can be used in teaching, learning and research (more on that in upcoming posts). A few examples of what we have designed and printed:

iPad stands

iPad Stand

Used to hold up the iPads when we are setting them up to go out on loan.



For the new mobile recording boxes used by Media Production, to hold equipment in place.

These are just the first items we are printing –  we are keen to print out as much as we can. If you have something you think might be worth printing, whether it’s for your teaching or your research please let us know, either by commenting below or getting in touch with the Service Desk.

Otago Capture Launch

Otago Capture is the new lecture recording system installed in selected Dunedin ITS-managed lecture theatres in 2014. It uses Echo360 devices and software to record lectures or events.

Otago Capture can record the audio, the screen (what the projector displays) and the video (if required) of a lecture.  It can keep track of viewing statistics, allow students to bookmark and discuss parts of a lecture and allow lecturers to make simple edits to their recordings online. Otago Capture can also schedule lecture recordings so all the lecturer has to do is use the microphone and the lecture will be recorded. Capture can also live stream lectures.

Currently Capture has been installed in 9 locations:

  • Archway 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Castle 1, 2
  • Quad 2, 4
  • St David Lecture Theatre

We have more installations planned for Semester Two, and we’re currently working out a schedule for our next batch of installations.

Capture can be linked to Blackboard so students can easily access their lectures, and the recordings can be locked down to only those enrolled in the class. If you have any public events you want to record Capture can do that for you too.

Capture has be used by quite a few papers this semester with most taking advantage of the automatic scheduling of lecture recordings. Student viewing of lectures has also been quite impressive; we have even seen a good number of students watching lectures live.

eLearning has made a few example lecture recordings for you to get an idea about how Capture operates. You can find the examples on the Public EchoCentre.

If you would like to sign up for Otago Capture you can do so by filling in the form you can find at the Otago Capture help site.

If your department would like a demonstration of Otago Capture, please contact us. We would be happy to arrange a visit to show you how the new lecture recording system works.

Lunchtime question and answer session

Have you got a burning Blackboard question? Or want to know something more about Otago Blogs or find out what Otago Capture is? Perhaps you’re trying to do something outside the square to help your students learn.

ITS’s eLearning team is running a lunch time question and answer session where you can stop by and and quiz our eLearning and eResearch Consultants about the services on offer:

  • Blackboard
  • Otago Blogs
  • Otago Podcasts
  • Otago Capture
  • Otago Connect
  • Otago Wikis

Date: 12.30-2.30pm, Friday 21 March, 2014
Venue: ITS Training Room 1, Computer Services Building over the Leith

If you’re not at the Dunedin campus join us with Otago Connect at

We look forward to seeing you there, if it goes well we’ll be back again in 2 weeks time.