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Creating a nutritious medium

And so it begins – the Department of Medicine of the Dunedin School of Medicine welcomes you to its freshly steamed blog. We are excited to take this step into the global scientific and health dialogue and be a part of not only the growing science communication network, but also the global shift in the mind-sets of its participants.

It is not a surprise that the massive leap in scientific progress over the last few decades is often attributed to the widely increasing access to information, online databases and of course – the all-powerful internet. Research work is now routinely based on thousands of other investigations, extensive cooperation between different sectors and research groups with a continuous exchange of ideas.  As much as it could be seen as a convenience we take for granted, it has become integral to our value systems and the changing worldview.

We value information, specialist knowledge, embrace critical thinking and seek evidence, we want to broaden our understanding and share it with others.

The discussion of more efficient information exchange methods and promoting stronger public outreach has been present for a while in the Department of Medicine minds, but it was finally pushed into existence, with what is now known, as the Grand Schultz Uprising. We are now proud users of Twitter (follow us @OtagoMedDept), and are actively reaching out further.

The goal of this blog is to create a platform for our research, findings, people and any other developments worth sharing. We are aiming to create a thought and personality rich medium, fuelled by our research groups, clinicians, students, events, and relevant topics. We hope to communicate this important material not only with the immediate medical and academic community, but also the general public, contributing to increasing awareness and sparking meaningful debates.

So follow us, we promise to be healthy, nutritious and spicy in all the right ways.

I would also like to extend an invitation to all of you reading this article, to share what you are working on with the research community and make our thought media more nutritious and inspiring. Email me to if you want to be featured in our blog, have stories to share or ideas/criticism for it.

Stay connected.


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