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Department of Medicine Blog
Dunedin School of Medicine, University of Otago

The power of light: Tool for recovery, improved mental health and quality of life

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Here in Dunedin we know all about dealing with dark cloudy days, given we have the lowest mean annual number of sunshine hours in the country – 1590 (in contrast to Auckland’s 2066). We also know well what a boost […]

HeartOtago’s work to fix broken hearts

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Your heart is an organ like no other – an indefatigable ball of muscle that provides your beat of life. Unfortunately, unlike other structures in your body, its dynamic activity and specific tissue properties mean your heart is not very […]

Public Forum on The ‘cost’ of sugar

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By Cherie Stayner Edgar Diabetes and Obesity Research, a University of Otago flagship Research Centre housed in the Department of Medicine, along with the Healthier Lives National Science Challenge (also based in the Department of Medicine) and A Better Start […]

Immunology, Crohn’s disease and Life of Science – Talking to Graduate student Hamish Angus

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Inflammatory Bowel disease Inflammatory Bowel disease (IBD) is a chronic inflammation of intestine, resulting from a complex interplay of environmental factors, genetics and gut flora. It is known to have a heavy impact on affected persons’ lives and is very […]

Exercise to resolve it all – interview with Dr Hamish Osborne

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The integrated picture of injuries, obesity and modern lifestyles In Medicine, like in no other field, concepts and disciplines are closely intertwined together, common solutions link seemingly contrasting topics, and broad yet in-depth understanding of the field is required for […]

The Challenge of Gastric Cancers

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Why Gastric Cancers are so hard to treat – oncologist Dr Pattison explains   Gastric cancers remain one of the most aggressive, hard-to-treat type of cancers, often with late diagnosis and incredibly poor survival rates. Even with the lengthy and […]

Turangi Health Hui – Talking health with the Notorious Mongrel Mob

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Health research in its nature is bound to change and benefit human societies; often its success being dependent on the collaboration with the target communities. Due to a combination of reasons some groups of people have less access to health […]

Creating a nutritious medium

And so it begins – the Department of Medicine of the Dunedin School of Medicine welcomes you to its freshly steamed blog. We are excited to take this step into the global scientific and health dialogue and be a part […]