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Student Training Material & Resources

Please read the following information to confidently sit your assessments/exams using ExamSoft’s app Examplify.

If you would like more information, please look through the ExamSoft Digital Exams Student FAQ. If you need one-on-one help, especially on the day of your assessment/exam, you should contact AskOtago and say you are sitting an ExamSoft assessment/exam.

Training Material

The content below is designed to familiarise you with the exam process through Examplify, from downloading the software, all the way through to sitting your exams.

Examplify Student Guide and Checklist

We have put together a University of Otago specific Examplify – Student Guide that contains all the technical information you need to get ready for your Examplify assessment/exam.

We have also created a one-page checklist – Examplify Student Preparation Checklist – so you can check you have done everything necessary to prepare for your assessment/exam that uses Examplify.

Examplify Software

Mandatory Preparation Exams

Please note: You must sit two short preparation exams using Examplify before your assessments/exams – they are not related to your course content and your responses will not be saved or marked in any way. The first Computer Compatibility Preparation Exam tests your computer’s compatibility with the remote invigilation software. The second Content and Features Preparation Exam lets you explore Examplify’s features, such as different question types e.g. multi-choice, hotspots, full-in-the-blanks etc.

Do these preparation exams on the same laptop/desktop computer you will use for your real assessments or exams, so any technical problems can be identified early and we can help. The preparation exams also give you the opportunity to become familiar with the process before your real assessments/exams.  You can take both preparation exams up to 99 times each.

During the first preparation exam, you need to take a photo with your webcam as part of the exam ID process. This photo will be used at the start of each assessment/exam to verify the correct person is sitting the assessment/exam.

Sitting Your Exams

What Support is Available During my Assessment/Exam?

If you need support during your real assessment/exam – for example you need a resume code to restart your exam  – please contact AskOtago immediately and indicate to them that you are taking an ExamSoft exam.