Deferred World Book Day Lecture–Prof. Harry Ricketts on “The Book and Self”

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The Centre for the Book is delighted to be able to hold the 2022 World Book Day, belatedly, on Wednesday, 26 October at 5:30 pm in Biochemistry G13.  (Yes, we know it’s an unfamiliar room, but we’ve been told it’s nice and we have little choice because the Exam Office has booked just about every other space).

Our speaker is Prof. Harry Ricketts, talking on the topic of “The Book and Self.”  Prof. Ricketts is Emeritus Prof. of English and teaches in the Institute of Modern Letters at Victoria University of Wellington. He is a poet, essayist, literary biographer and editor, who has published around thirty books. He has recently completed a memoir and is currently writing an essay on Kipling and childhood trauma.  Formerly an influential editor at New Zealand Review of Books Pukapuka Aotearoa, Prof. Ricketts has thought a lot about the importance of books for ourselves, for Aotearoa, and for the world.  We hope you can join us for his talk as we celebrate the power of books.

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