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2018 Symposium Call for Papers

At long last, here are the details for this year’s symposium, to be held 1–2 November.  The attached PDF gives full details, so feel free to download it and broadcast widely.  I’ll be taking copies to SHARP in Sydney next month.

The thems is “Translation and Transculturation in, through, and by Print.”  Relevant topics might include, but are not limited to:

  • The impact of print in NZ in languages other than English
  • The impact of print in scripts other than the Roman alphabet
  • Collectors and collecting across cultures
  • How books travel from one language to another
  • Whether transculturation is separable from translation, e. can ideas travel irrespective of language?
  • The extent to which print communicates across cultures more or less effectively than other media
  • The effects of national language policies on the power of translation
  • Any aspect of technologies for cross-cultural printing and/or translating
  • The extent to which print records or distorts cross-cultural encounters
  • Motivations for translation (evangelisation, education, propaganda, support)
  • Whether translation inhibits or facilitates transculturation

Abstracts are due by 1 September, so put on your thinking caps.  We look forward to a lively occasion, as usual.

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