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Otago Business School Building Redevelopment

Update 35

Friday June 9, 2017

Glass has been installed into the pop-out windows on the Leith side of the Otago Business School, and looks great.  The ground floor café is really starting to take shape.

The ceiling work on level five has now finished. Work on the external Otago Business School entrance canopy at Union Street East continues, as does the internal panelling work on the ground floor common space.

This week will see the scaffolding being removed –some noise is expected with that.

Network upgrade activities

Installers will be removing redundant cabling from offices and hallways on level 3. Cabling installation will continue in the construction areas, and the transition to the future state network, including phones in office spaces on the 4th floor, is now underway.

Update 34

Friday June 2, 2017

The framing on the external Otago Business School entrance canopy at Union Street East is starting to take shape, and the pop-out windows on the Leith side of the building have been installed. Glass install to be completed next week.

The coming week will see work on the ceilings at level five including service fixing, and windows and wall panels at level five will be cleaned before scaffolding at that level is removed. Wall panels install continues on internal walls, and framing is starting to concourse areas on the ground floor and level one.

The demolition part of the project is coming to the end, but normal construction noise is expected over the week.

Network upgrade activities

Cables on the second and third floors will be removed this week. Cabling is being installed in the first floor construction area, in fourth floor offices, and cabling and wireless access point are being installed in the lift foyers on levels 5, 6 and 7. The transition to future state in fourth floor offices started on Wednesday May 31.

Update 33

Friday May 26, 2017

Work on the redevelopment this week continued on office fitting out, and on the roof.

The crane onsite this week delivering ceiling fins, so work over the next week will involve installing them. Working will also continue on the front canopy roof and the pop-out window on the south side of the building.  Internal finishes are progressing well on both the ground floor and in the MBA office, with the focus on wall panel installation.

A continuation of normal construction noise is expected this week.

Network upgrade activities

Redundant cables will be removed on the second and third floors this week, while cabling will be installed in 4th floor offices, and in the south wing corridor on 5th floor. There will also be cabling and wireless access point installation in the lift foyers on levels 5, 6 and 7.

The transition to future state in fourth floor offices will start on Wednesday, May 31 – a notification will be sent out to these users.

Update 32

Friday May 19, 2017

Another busy week ahead for the Naylor Love team, with several projects nearing completion.

Finishing work is about to start on the MBA office. The front canopy roof is also starting this week, and the pop-out window on the south side of the building will be installed.  Internal finishes are on-going on both floor, with wall panel installation continuing on the ground floor.

There is still some demolition and stripout work to complete.  The normal construction noise is expected this week.

Note that water will be turned off in the Business School on Saturday morning (May 20) for 3-4 hours for an upgrade. This will affect toilets and kitchen facilities.  The work will be completed by 12 noon.

Network upgrade activities

Installers will be removing redundant cabling in offices and hallways on level 2.  Cabling for booking displays will be installed in the new MBA area.

Level 3 work will include transition to the Future state network; ACL will then remove redundant cabling.  ACL will also be fitting out offices on level 4.

Update 31

Friday May 12, 2017

Apologies for the untimely fire evacuation on Thursday. A contractor accidentally broke a sprinkler head, which did lead to some flooding on the ground floor. Thank you everyone for following the evacuation plans.

Work on site over the next week is quite intense. The roof membrane will be completed and the last skylights in the roof will be installed as well as the windows. If you want to see the progress, the balcony on level four (outside Marketing’s seminar room) is a good place to get a view of inside the new space.

The steel work for the front canopy on Union St East was installed this week and the roof work starts next week. There will some hammering and drilling but not major noise around that work.

Windows arrive on site for the pop out structure on the South side of the building, where the new café will be located. Internal wall panels are being installed. Alongside that, demolition of the old lecture theatres is continuing on level one.

Concrete cutting is almost complete but all of that work continues to be done after 4.30 pm.

Network upgrade project

The network upgrade continues alongside the building project. ACL will be completing works in the following locations next week:

  • Executive Programme offices, installation and fitting of outlets, level one.
  • Installation of Wireless Access Points on the third floor
  • Installation of cabling in hallways on level 4.

Engineers will be working remotely on configuring the Wireless Access points on Level 3, but this will not cause disruption of any kind.

Update 30

Friday May 5, 2017

The major demolition work and structural steel construction has been completed on the Otago Business School building this week, and internal finishes are now underway on the ground floor for the shared space wall panels. Ceiling fins are now being installed on Level 5.

Building users will start to see changes as they walk around the concourse areas on levels 4 and 5 – especially the windows between each roof level.

Visitors to the Dean’s Office on the ground floor will also see artwork now on the walls, making it look (almost) finished and more welcoming.

A photo gallery page has been created on the Redevelopment web blog so you can follow the progress that has been made over the last six months.

Update 29

Friday April 28, 2017

The new front entrance of the Otago Business School continues to take shape, with the front canopy foundations poured this week.

Timber panels were installed onto the back wall of the ground floor common space also, and linings are going into the Executive Programme offices. Demolition has been on-going on the ground level and level one.

The crane returns on Monday to lift windows to level two and install ceiling fins on level five. There will be noise associated with this process, but as usual any exceptionally noisy work is being carried out as much as possible late in the day. Your co-operation around this disruption is appreciated.

Update 28

Friday April 21, 2017

It’s been another big week for the Otago Business School redevelopment, with contractors creating the opening for the new entrance on Union Street East.  It has now become much easier to visualise how the finished entrance will look. Foundations to new front canopy will be laid over the next week.

Internal demolition is in full swing on the both ground floor and first floors, and roof membrane has been installed to level three and to the pop-out roof area of the ground floor.

Work this week includes installing wall linings into the new Executive Programmes office, erecting framing on the first floor concourse, putting in wall battens and starting new wall panels for the ground floor.

Naylor Love advises that noise levels expected this week will be their normal construction noise.

The site will be closed on April 25 as contractors observe Anzac Day.

Update 27

Friday April 13, 2017

Work on the roof has continued this week, as has preparation for the new front entrance and wall framing in the Atrium.  Work is also progressing well in the new Executive Programmes office refit.  This work will continue over the next week.

No major disruptions are expected for the coming days– the Naylor Love team would like to thank Otago Business School users and UniCol staff and students for their patience and continued co-operation during the noisy demolition work and roof rebuild over recent weeks – it is appreciated.

Construction will resume on Tuesday, April 18, while University of Otago staff mark Otago Anniversary day.

Have a safe and happy Easter break.


Update 26

Friday April 7, 2017

The entrance stairs from Union Street East into the Otago Business School are gone, as has the concrete slab outside the building – this is where the new front entrance will be.  Concrete cutting and the associated noise has now finished, but excavation will be on-going.

All timber framing on the roof is complete, and putting on the roof membrane to level 3 and 4 is on-going, weather permitting.

Work on site this coming week will include demolition to the new front entrance at ground floor and Level 1. Timber battens for new wall panelling are starting to be installed in the Atrium, and wall frames will be finished and some services installed in the new MBA offices.


One of the building’s defibrillators is now located on level two in Tourism; the second defibrillator is on level 5 in the lift foyer.

Access to the Dean’s office is only via stairs from Level 2 – it is well signposted from the lifts at level 2. If you have mobility issues and want to talk to someone in the Dean’s office let them know and they’ll arrange a suitable location to meet.

Level one (formerly 3) is now a construction site and closed to ALL staff and students – there is no lift and stair access to this level.