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Wednesday, April 9th, 2014 | John Price | Comments Off

eVision go-live over mid-semester break

Stage Three of the SMS Project is due to go-live over the upcoming mid-semester break.  In our last newsletter  I gave you the full details of the planned service interruptions. Note that since this last newsletter we have brought the start time forward by several hours to 9 pm Wednesday 16 April.

In summary:

  • All student management related processes and systems will be unavailable to staff and students from 9 pm Wednesday 16 April until 8 am Wednesday 23 April. This includes access to PIMS and eVision as well as various student administration systems and eVision interfaces to other systems.
  • Some business processes will be progressively frozen (i.e. cannot be undertaken) from Friday 28 March to prepare the system and data for the change.  The processes to be frozen will include requests for academic transcripts, changes of course, and requests for new papers or timetable changes.

Many activities take place before the cut off time, and we have already successfully completed around 20% of the items scheduled for the go-live period.

Training is underway

Most of our training is happening before mid-semester break, but some is after go-live, recognising that there is a lot of training to do and it is best done as close as possible to when you need to use the system. All training invitations are now finalised and should be in your calendar. You will be sent a reminder a week before your training is due. Your access to eVision will be determined by the training you have received – so do make the time to attend.

If you have any questions about training, you can check on our blog for details about the training courses and your local training contact.  If you can’t find what you need there, you can email questions to evisiontraining@otago.ac.nz

What can you expect to see after mid-semester break?

There are a lot of functions that will be done in eVision, for both staff and students. Here are some examples:

  • Student fees and accounts will be calculated, paid and managed in eVision
  • Results will be recorded in eVision and available to students online
  • Timetables will be kept up to date online, and can be viewed in real time by students
  • Examinations will be scheduled, and students can apply for alternative arrangements and special considerations within eVision
  • The Student Records team will be using eVision to identify and record finalists, cross credit between programmes, and manage students’ progression through their course of study
  • Transcripts and academic records have been modernised and will be available via eVision
  • eVision will hold information on papers and programmes, including rules like pre-requisites and co-requisites. Course enrolment and approval will be online for Semester Two 2014.
  • The Planning and Funding team will have an updated Data Warehouse.  Over time, they will be able to extract more information more readily and more accurately.

Click here to see more about what’s been delivered so far, and what is still to come.

John Price
Director, Academic Services

What’s been happening?

Some recent activity:

  • User Acceptance Testing has been successfully completed. Whilst there will always be issues identified in testing, no items classified as ‘major’ or ‘show-stopper’ were found. The Project team remains focused on getting as much as they can right before we go live.
  • All staff enrolled for eVision training are able to access training and reference materials in Blackboard. Just log in using your regular University username and password. This is where you can find e-learning options, particularly for Foundation of eVision (so you can use functionality currently found in PIMS).
  • We have been surveying staff who have completed training courses, and are pleased to be receiving very positive feedback.  In particular, 85% of the staff who have completed the Foundation for eVision course (preparing them for the decommissioning of PIMS) report they are feeling confident or fairly confident they can use the system, with another 13% feeling confident but thinking they may need a little support. Which leaves just 2% not feeling confident, and no-one feeling completely lost. Other courses are receiving similar or better feedback. Thanks to everyone who has responded.

Coming up

In the next few weeks:

  • Look out for student facing communications, including TV screen notices, Critic adverts, and notifications on PIMS and eVision.
  • The list of Business Objects reports that will be available at go-live will be finalised and communicated shortly.
  • The SMS Project team has completed the development of almost all the functionality that will be delivered in June, July and August 2014. We are now starting to test that it works appropriately. You can find a list of what’s being delivered when on our blog.
  • And of course, over Easter we have a dedicated team working steadily through the hundreds of tasks remaining before we switch eVision back on.

Need to know more?

 If you have any questions about using eVision please raise them in the first instance with your local support person or get touch on eVision@otago.ac.nz. Questions on training can be directed to evisiontraining@otago.ac.nz


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